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Jesus Christ From His Birth to His Ascension

My book Jesus Christ From His Birth To His Ascension chronicles the life and times of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, beginning at His birth and childhood, covering His three-year public ministry, and concluding with His ascension back into heaven. I wrote this book with another book in mind that my mother gave me to read back in 1975. It was entitled “Come Unto Me.” Someone had painstakingly taken passages from all four gospels and created a book designed to tell the story of Jesus Christ in a nutshell and lead people to faith in Christ. It worked. That is how my father and mother led me to faith in Jesus Christ. And that is what I hope and pray I have done with this book. I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone you know, saved or unsaved.

Paperback $15.00 Link: Gerald M. Overall Sr.

E-Book $9.99 Link: Gerald M. Overall Sr.



The Church That Jesus Christ Built

My book follows the church (the body of Christ) from its birth through its growth and expansion through history from AD 30 to the present day. This book journals the acts of the Holy Spirit through the men and women behind this great faith that today we call Christianity (followers of Christ). Review questions are included at the end of every chapter to aid the reader in remembering the important events of that particular period in history. I wrote this book so anyone could use it as a self-teaching tool, personal home study, a 12-week in-home Bible study group, or a 12-week in-church Christian History Class. My prayer to God is that every Christian in the body of Christ comes to know the history of “The Church  That Jesus Christ Built.”

Paperback $10.00 Link: Gerald M. Overall Sr.

E-Book $7.99 Link: Gerald M. Overall Sr.



The Bible God’s Word To us

There are billions of believers in Christ Jesus today. And everyone will tell you it’s God’s word to us that led them to this belief. Yet, if you ask most Christians today where the Bible came from, most could not tell you. We believe that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son so that through faith in Him, we might not perish but live forever. And we can tell you where that is in our Bible. But the question is, how did we get our Bible in the first place? And can we trust it? Compiling the sixty-six books we have today would not happen until 397 AD. This book will examine the events that led to the Bible’s creation. We need to, as Christians, be able to intelligently and accurately answer those who question the validity of the word of God. Our salvation depends on whether the Bible is God’s word to us. If not, then we are not saved! My book can be a textbook for home study, home Bible Class, or Church Bible Class. The extra pages are provided in the back of the book for your note-taking convenience.

Paperback $10.00 Link: Gerald M. Overall Sr.

E-Book $7.99 Link: Gerald M. Overall Sr.


Biblical Giving / New Testament Tithes & Offering?

New Testament tithing has been an issue for many Christians for a very long time. Today, it has come to the forefront of the conversations and teaching of many Christian talk shows and pastors’ and preacher’s sermons. One side of the church says that it’s not biblical for New Testament Christians and that we should practice “grace-giving.” Others say that it is biblical and that we owe God 10% of our income, and we are to give offerings to Him as well.
In this book, I will share what I found in God’s Word concerning the tithe and offering for New Testament Christians. I promise to back up everything I say with God’s Word. First, we will start at the beginning (Genesis) of God giving to man and follow the origin of man’s giving back to God and others. Please join me as we travel through the Old and New Testaments to see what the Lord Jesus Christ says about New Testament tithe and offering Christians.

Paperback $10.00 Link: by Gerald Overall Sr.

 E-Book $7.99 Link: Gerald Overall Sr. 

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